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Conditions That Affect Sales

The market...Buyer's market...When there are more homes on the market than buyers.  Best tactic is to prepare your home and make it "memorable" for a buyer to "recall" at the end of the day.  When buyers have a greater selection to choose from, your competition will have to measure up to your house.
Location...In a buyer's market, location will be an asset if your home is in a desirable area.  However, leaving your home in an "as is" condition will only help your competition.
Competition...Buyers will choose the property that touches them emotionally...all things being equal.


Why Must You Price Your Home Properly?
Pricing your homeproperly at the onset simply increases the likelihood of a timely sale with less inconvenience and greater monetary return.
Buyers educate themselvers by viewing many properties and they will always look at a range of homes priced competitively.  They know, or learn very quickly, what is a fair price.  If your home is not competitive in value with those they have seen in the same price range, it simply will not sell.
Overpricing causes most homes to remain on the market too long.  Buyers and agents become aware of the long exposure period and often are hesitant to make an offer because they fear something is wrong with the property.  Overpricing keeps your home from selling promptly.  Statistics show that the agent's and the buyer's interest grows as soon as a home is placed on the market, peaking somewhere around the third or fourth week.  Priced properly and then immediately creating urgency in the minds of agents and buyers is critical.


Welcome to the home sellers section for Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, Maricopa and Scottsdale areas. I can get your home sold quickly and at a fair price by marketing your home on all the major web sites for home sellers.

As a listing agent in Maricopa and Pinal County, my extensive marketing lan gives a homeowner the opportunity to get the maximum value for his/her property.

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 Tips For Home Sellers

1. Establish an action plan.  This is where I can help you. In order to get an accurate price evaluation of where your home should be priced at, based on comparables in your neighborhood of like properties.  As an experienced professional I can give you a informed presentation with documentation that will educate you and  keep you informed of what needs to be taken care of in a timely manner.
2.  View your home as a product to be sold and de-personalize.  Make a mental decision to let go of emotional attachments and try to focus on the task of selling the home. 
3. Prepare the home for sale, a home that is well maintained and shows pride of ownership sells faster.  Any repairs that need to be taken care of should be done by a licensed professional.
4. Staging your home.  This step is crucial for the home seller and you don't need to spend money to make your home look good.  Remove clutter, you want a potential buyer to see open spaces where they can imagine their own furniture and items in the home.  There needs to be a nice flow from room to room.  Create an ambiance, like lit fireplaces, baked cookies, or candles in a bedroom.  Lighting is key, so make sure curtains and blinds are open and lights are turned on to create an inviting experience for the potential buyer.  Staging your home is the best way to let a buyer see your home's true potential!
5. Keep Pets out of sight.  Pets are great, but not everyone is a dog or cat lover or perhaps what ever type of pet you make have, so remember to try to keep them out of sight and ensure any food bowls or litter boxes are not in plain sight of any potential home buyer,as well as any pet hair on furniture or fabric.
6. Be flexible.  Todays Residential Real Estate market can be challenging, so be willing to consider offers that come in, although you don't want to compromise what you feel is your bottom line, be willing to negotiate.
7. A great time to sell your home is when interest rates are low.  And rates have been at an all time low, so buyers are taking advantage of this opportunity which results in more qualified buyers.  Giving you, the Seller more opportunity to sell your home!