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 The Top 6 Things to Find the House Right for You

It can be overwhelming to think about buying a home.  That is why you will want to hire a full-time real estate agent to aid in navigating you through the process. 
Here are the 6 top things to consider:
Budget:  No matter how badly you want the big house on the hill overlooking the lake, if it isn't in your budget, it's not the house that's right for you.  Stay within your budget so you're not house poor after purchasing your home.  You will have moving expenses, furniture purchases, and possible renovations in addition to your down payment, closing costs, and monthly loan payment.
Lifestyle:   Think about how you live your life, or the life you want to live.   If you travel a lot, you might want to purchase a condo because it is less upkeep.  If you have dogs, you might want a yard, and if you have young kids you might be searching for a neighborhood with children and specific neighborhood amenities.  The home needs to fit your lifestyle.
Location:  Real estate agents are known for saying, "Location, Location, Location!"  This is one of, if not the top factor in purchasing a home.  There are many factors that are going to go into finding a home that is in the right location for you (i.e. how far from work, school district ratings, local amenities, etc.).
Family:  This includes future family whether you're planning to have children or thinking your parents to eventually live with you.  If you're planning on growing your family, you may consider a split floor plan with the master on one side and bedrooms on the other side of the house.  If an older parent might eventually be moving in, you might consider a one-story home with two master suites.
Features:  Think about what kind of kitchen you want, number of bathrooms, number of garage spaces, yard size, floorplan, etc.  Having an idea of features you want will help your real estate agent narrow the search.
The intangible:  Do you Love the house?  It is the feeling of walking into a home and seeing it as yours!  Remember, a house is a long-term investment no matter what the market is doing.  The right house will be your Home that you can enjoy for potentially a long term.   Don't settle because your search may take be taking longer than anticipated.   
 Hiring the Right Realtor
Wouldn't you want a Realtor who will negotiate the best possible deal and search they find the perfect property for you?  I get such satisfaction when I see happy people when the sale closes and they can call it home.
You want a Realtor who:
  • Protects YOUR interests, not their own. 
  • Knows the neighborhoods
  • Researches the facts and gives you the tools for your due diligence
  • Works for you and listens to your needs.
As a seasoned Realtor I can analyze what a buyer's wants and needs are and help a buyer(s) get a clear picture of what the ideal home can be. Having a thorough knowledge of the Phoenix metro area allows me to provide related information for a buyers specific needs for any target neighborhood.
There is a very detailed process from beginning to close of escrow on a property, and I am available to walk you through every step of the way to ensure your needs are met.

Using an Agent


My commitment to you as your Buyer's Agent:

 1. Help the Buyer analyze needs and wants in a home purchase
2.  Pre-approval - obtain prequalification and assist in finding the best mortgage financing for your needs.
3.  Neighborhood Information - Do neighborhood search of your target area.
4.  Schedule a home search ongoing updates and showing available homes.
5.  Compare properties and make an offer on a home you love.
6.  Help with purchase offer contract and negotiate to buy on your behalf. 
7.  Coordiante vendors and services during escrow.
8.  Pre-close preparation - Coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide preclosing consulting.
9.  Closing - Preview closing documents, resolve any last minute issues to ensure accuracy and complete transaction.
10.  Post Closing - Coordinate move-in and assist with any post closing issues.
  • Area Information

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